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Some *light* rain is falling ahead of the storms moving in from the West. This is "anvil precip". The "main event" is still a couple hours & change away. #fortworth #dallas #dfw #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weatherupdate
Despite all the lightning & thunder, this is still the LIGHT activity ahead of the main storm clusters/line, which is just now hitting the US-281 Corridor - that's Stephenville & Mineral Wells, y'all. Anvils can be quite feisty, like these are.

We've got a perfect example this evening that lightning & thunder don't necessarily correlate with severity at a given moment - though it's still prudent to be smart about lightning - which can strike as far as *100 miles* from the parent storm. This is why you should stay off golf courses, boats, & other high-risk open areas/activities if you can so much as *see* a thunderhead in the distance.

#fortworth #dallas #dfw #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weatherupdate
2115 fortworth dallas nowcast may 6 2023.PNG
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Alright, y'all - #FortWorth & vicinity, NOW is the time to wrap things up & get inside... currently moving into Parker, Hood, & Somervell Counties - & eventually bound for Tarrant & Johnson - is a storm cluster that is producing winds of literal hurricane-force, 80+ mph! There may be some small hail but the main concern is wind with this one, along with the always-included lightning & torrential rains that could also cause minor flash flooding (remember "turn around don't drown").

that circled area just now crossing the Lipan Highway between Granbury & Lipan is the epicenter, and it's headed straight for the heart of Tarrant county if it holds together.

#dfw #dallas #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weatherupdate #stormwatch #severeweather
Reports of high water on thoroughfares tonight in North Fort Worth & North Richland Hills - & vehicles stranded in said water. These storms are doing what's called "training" - i.e. cell after cell is traveling over the same given areas, causing the rain accumulations to compound & causing flooding conditions.

Stay on safe ground & - never, ever attempt to traverse flooded areas, whether on foot or on wheels. It only takes a small several inches to sweep a sturdy, healthy adult off their feet (even less for a kid) & only several more to carry vehicles way. #TurnAroundDontDrown

Remember - #flooding is THE most deadly #weather phenomenon. Yup - more than tornadoes, more than straight-line wind, more than lightning... etc etc. No one's died from hail in the U.S. since 2000 (so far). But flooding... it'll get ya.

We are in a wet pattern & will be for weeks - so before too long, even modest pop-up storms may cause flooding due to the ground being saturated from previous precip.

Govern y'all'sselves accordingly. #fortworth #dallas #dfw #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weather #weatherupdate #stormwatch #flashflood
We're looking at another likely round of storms moving in this late evening & overnight in #FortWorth/#Dallas.

One cluster is over the far NW counties (Jack, Throckmorton, Young, et al) & the other is farther SW, over the Big Country's heart, right now entering #Abilene.

It's mostly non-severe, though a few cells are producing marginally severe hail & a bit of severe wind.

The models are mostly saying these will fall apart before reaching the I-35 Corridor... but I ain't too sure about that. The environment here is juicy & primed. So I'll say that while there is a distinct possibility they will indeed peter out... don't assume they will. Still be ready for a possible-to-likely round of storms from West to East as evening turns into night & overnight, with areas along & N of a US-180-Weatherford-I-20 line seeing activity earlier than south of such.

Overall, expect things tonight to be mild & still very humid, as we continue in this "jungle" pattern (beautiful, ain't it?!).

#dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weather #weatherupdate #stormwatch
Did you cram as much of this week's business into yesterday? If not, you're going to be dodging and amongst the raindrops, because for the rest of this week, plus the start of the upcoming week - including Mother's Day - it's going to be all about clouds + on and off rain across #FortWorth / #Dallas and North Central #Texas.

Currently, a massive area of rain, mostly light to moderate with some heavy pockets, occupies the region south of interstate 20 and will move and spread northward this morning.

Yes, northward. A tropical style disturbance slid up from the Gulf of Mexico, so that'll be the main direction today. Overall we're in a very tropical style pattern right now, which of course I thrive in, being a jungle boy. 🙂😆

The rain will persist in the region throughout most of the day, tapering down somewhat in mid to late afternoon, leading to a sunset and night of more isolated activity. Then there's tomorrow, where we'll have isolated showers and thunderstorms regionwide.

Now the question you may have is, what about severe weather? This is actually not a severe weather kind of situation we're in this week. While an isolated storm cell might get a little feisty and produce marginally severe hail of quarter size and some Gusty winds, this is mainly going to be a rain and lightning event. So make sure to take your lightning precautions, and be aware that with how much sheer water will be falling, flooding will be the primary concern. So use Good Sense around water and remember that mantra, turn around don't drown!

As usual, I will be providing updates through the channels.

#dfw #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weather #weatherupdate #stormwatch
We're at a point where the showers and storms are more on the isolated side for the rest of this evening. They will also be isolated tomorrow. So be sure that as you're going about your business, you have your gear handy, but don't be canceling plans. A shower or storm that impacts will probably last 1 to 2 hours before moving on, with a break in between. #fortworth #dallas #dfw #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weather #weatherupdate #stormwatch
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It's a beautifully warm & humid one out there today... & with the ingredients present, we have contact - isolated "pop-up" thunderstorms have fired up along the US-281 Corridor between Mineral Wells & Hico. They're non-severe (for now) but have dropped some pea-sized hail on Stephenville.

Their main direction will be NNE & will trend Eastward. More may well fire up in the area between the US-281 Corridor & that of I-35 as the afternoon progresses into the evening.

In a nutshell - this is not a plan-cancelling day, but be aware & geared up just in case you get one of these storms in your vicinity. We may well find ourselves with a couple here in the #FortWorth/#Dallas area itself. I'll be monitoring the situation.

#dfw #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weather #weatherupdate #stormwatch
Simply put, today is going to be a stormy one. Overnight, huge convective systems spawned statewide and in the surrounding ones, bringing widespread rain. This will continue through today, so I'd say expect rain on and off. It won't constantly rain, but expect it to rain most of the day. The same goes for tomorrow, Mother's Day.

The severe weather threat is low. The strongest storm cells will probably manage to spit out some quarter size hail and a little bit of feisty wind, but for the most part this is just rain and lightning. However, flooding is going to be a significant risk. Take flooding seriously, as it is actually the number one weather killer. Use your safety precautions, remember #TurnAroundDontDrown. Have your gear at the ready as you go about your business, and try to have your plans be indoors rather than out.

#fortworth #dallas #dfw #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weather #WeatherUpdate #stormwatch
#FortWorth/#Dallas & Vicinity ~ #WeatherUpdate

Though it's still gonna generally be hot like the gates to the underworld have flung open, today's heat will be peppered with actual scattered cloud cover + showers/storms!

Be prepared for the possibility of sudden rainfall as you go about your business today, & beware of lightning strikes. The strongest cells may spin up some high winds, as well. Direction will generally be from south to north (yes, south to north).

Activity will stop after sunset.

#weather #dfw #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #severeweather #heatwave
StormStalkers ~ Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Currently tracking a storm in central Denton County, sliding SE towards the middle of the Metroplex. It’s a hail producer, up to quarter size… wind gusts to 60mph… & torrential rain with middling lightning. Prep for arrival over the next couple hours in far East Tarrant + most of Dallas Counties. #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weather

#StormStalkers ~ Tropical Storm Ophelia Update

#TropicalStorm #Ophelia continues to slide onto the #NorthCarolina coast, bringing tropical storm force winds & lots of rain to the Upper South & Mid-Atlantic States. If you’re in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Eastern West Virginia, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Eastern New York (including New York City), Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts… you’re…

#StormStalkers ~ Sunday, September 24, 2023

#DFW/North Central Texas: Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 2300 tonight, generally along & E of US-281. Watch for scattered thunderstorms to rapidly increase over the next couple hours; there’s already one around the Lake Worth area as this is being posted. Activity will mainly track NW to SE. Possibilities are hail to tennis balls, high winds…

#StormStalkers – Southern Plains/Western American South Storms Today/Overnight – Wed, Oct 4-Thurs, Oct 5, 2023

Heads up, #TX/#OK/#KS/#LA: Today will feature a partly- to mostly-cloudy morning with isolated showers generally along and E of US-75/I-45… with the afternoon seeing an increase in this isolated activity to “scattered showers & storms” regionwide. This evening into the night, a fierce squall line will initiate in the TX/OK Panhandles & move across the…

Gear up, North Central Texas. Expect a mild, cloudy day with on-and-off light to moderate rain... highs in the 80s, lows in the 60s. #dfw #dallas #fortworth #weather #dfwwx #txwx #ntxwx #weatherupdate #wxtwitter
StormStalkers: Next in a Nutshell ~ Week of Sunday, March 17, 2024

Continental United States & Canada


Currently, as of 0200 Central U.S. Daylight Time/0700Z here on Sunday, March 17, 2024…


Cold rain to wintry mix/snow is ongoing from SW Pennsylvania up north along the mountain ranges thru New York’s Upstate & Southern Quebec/SE Ontario. Lake-effect snow showers are ongoing off the Great Lakes. Large…

#StormStalker ScanDay – Monday, April 1, 2024 – Across America

so, here’s the summary for today & tonight. this is a current surface/radar map.

the main action area for severe weather is along & south of the warm front extending from north of Kansas City to north of Saint Louis, the Indianapolis area, central West Virginia, towards virginia beach… SE of the low centered just…

#StormStalker ScanDay – Monday, April 2, 2024 – Across America’s East

we join today’s severe weather threat along the cold front that caused yesterday’s “fun”… which is basically the Deep South, the Appalachians to the lower Mid-Atlantic, and the Lower Midwest

currently, multiple lines & clusters of storms are present in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, SW Pennsylvania… with cold…