StormStalkers: Next in a Nutshell ~ Week of Sunday, March 17, 2024

Continental United States & Canada


Currently, as of 0200 Central U.S. Daylight Time/0700Z here on Sunday, March 17, 2024…


Cold rain to wintry mix/snow is ongoing from SW Pennsylvania up north along the mountain ranges thru New York’s Upstate & Southern Quebec/SE Ontario. Lake-effect snow showers are ongoing off the Great Lakes. Large mesoscale storm complexes are ongoing in South Central Texas & the Mississippi/Alabama border up into South Central Tennessee. Isolated storms in East Texas… more cold rain to snow in the Southern Rockies (New Mexico/Colorado & Vicinity). A smattering of rain & snow showers in south central California.


Cloud cover is widespread across the continental south of the 40th Parallel, save for the SoCal Coast… as well as the Great Lakes regions over to the Mid-Atlantic & New England. Up in Canada, it’s the regions around the Great Lakes, as well as the Yukon & NorthWest Territories.


Fire danger continues in & around the Texas Panhandle.


Temperatures are warm in Florida, mild in the South, & cool to cold elsewhere… frigid in the Upper Midwest & the middle of Canada.


Over the rest of today, expect the northern Appalachian rain/snow to continue East across the Mid-Atlantic, New England, Quebec, & Atlantic Provinces (then ejecting out into the Atlantic) as lake effect snow showers continue immediately downwind of Great Lakes.


Texas & the Deep South + Florida sees continued rain to storminess, with a Marginal risk of severe weather hugging the Gulf Coast… rain/snow continues in the southern Rockies & surrounds.


A major cold front will be sliding southward throughout the day (final goal: reaching just shy of the Gulf Coast), so expect cold air to take over from north to south, reaching the upper South by tonight. 
The Rockies + Intermountain West + other Western mountain ranges will be similarly cold as Canada stays cold across the board.


Monday’s highs will be noticeably chillier nationwide (but still warm in Florida), with freezing temps taking over even for the Deep South for Monday night – Freeze Warnings are in effect for many areas. It’ll even be chilly on the SoCal coast. Still cold in Canada.


Activity-wise, storms for Florida & surrounds with a Marginal Risk of severe weather… lingering isolated light snow/rain showers for the Mid-Atlantic/New England/Quebec/Atlantic Canada as well as central Canada. Light snow/rain continues in the southern Rockies & vicinity (Four Corners)… and Deep South Texas. Most cloud cover follows & surrounds these systems.


Tuesday is quiet & cool to mild across the board… warm in the California Central Valley… still cold in Canada.


Activity-wise, it’ll be quiet other than isolated Four Corners rain/snow… isolated snow showers in the northern Great Lakes region/New England/Mid-Atlantic/Atlantic Canada… scattered snow on the border of British Columbia/Alberta… with most cloud cover surrounding + cloud cover in the southern Prairie Provinces, Texas, the western Deep South, & the immediate upper West Coast.


Wednesday sees temperatures a few degrees warmer across the board, except for Canada… continued Ontario/Quebec/Atlantic Canada/New England/NY State isolated rain/snow showers & clouds… sotuhern Rockies activity tapering off… while a new Pacific Storm moves onto the Cascadia Coast spreading rain and high-elevation snow into that region + the general American Northwest. Expect Southern Plains & Upper Midwest/Western GReat Lakes mix of sun and clouds.


Thursday will be a few degrees warmer still than Wednesday across the continental, but in Canada it’s colder generally with a fresh shot of Arctic air. The Cascadia storm continues doing its thing in that region and the general American NW… spreading now into south central Canada and the Upper Midwest/Western Great Lakes states/areas with wintry weather… while the ON/QC/New Eng/et al activity continues & a fresh storm erupts in Texas & surrounding regions – watch this storm for the possibility of a severe weather outbreak, y’all. Most cloud cover surrounds the aforementioned activity, but some shoots quite ahead (east) of such.


Friday, y’all… the Pacific low gets much more serious. Cascadia’s rain and snow will continue and more will move onto the Coast, bringing it gradually down to the central California coast + inland throguhout the day. The interior West (intermountain/mountain) will see renewed isolated to scattered rain/snow. Snow showers in the upper Midwest and storms for the Central & Southern Plains + the Gulf Coast at the start of the day will march East across the Lower Midwest/Great Lakes/Ontario/Quebec (snow) + Ohio & Mississippi RiveR Valleys, & Deep South (rain/thunderstorms) as the day goes on… a chance of severe weather may rise for the South for this day.

Cloud cover will be the rule for the most of the continent for Friday, with all the activity going on. Temperatures across the board a smidge cooler than Thursday.


Finally, on Saturday, snow moving east from the Great Lakes across upstate NY/New England/Ontario/Quebec/Atlantic Canada… & widespread rain to thunderstorms south all the way south off Florids (again, severe weather risk for the South, maybe?) ejects off the East Coast by night. This, as scattered snow does its thing from the Prairie Provinces down through the Central Plains (cold rain on the sotuhern end of this in Kansas and surrounds) and another storm from the Pacific brings rain to the whole West Coast of the US and BC, with snow inland/highland and isolated snow showers for the northern half of the interior West.


Less cloud cover for Saturday, with only the immediate surroudns of storm systems seeing it… tempreatures warm up a bit from Friday across the board.




Tropical Cyclone Megan is about to make landfall right in the deepest part of the Gulf of Carpentaria as she & associated moisture keeps the entire northern coast of the country stormy. Scattered storms are also ongoing in NW Western Australia and the middle of the WA Coast + West Central interior WA… together with northern & coastal New South Wales & southern and SE Coastal Queensland.


Temperatures are warm to quite hot continent-wide (hot mostly in the interior) and mild in Tasmania.


Cloud cover, partial to full, covers most of the continent.


Monday… a cold front swinging up from the southwest will bring squalls/scattered storms to the entire southern coast + inland as well as Tasmania as temperatures remain as right now, cooling down as the front passes. Megan soaks & blows around northern Queensland and Northern Territory. Widespread PtF cloud cover continues across most of the continent.


Tuesday… the cold front storms move into western NSW & southern Queensland as Megan’s remnants continue doing their thing. Western Australia’s a bit calmer, but still clouded over as the PtF most-continent-covering cloud cover stays in place. Storms dissipate into simply cloud cover by the time it makes it into the deepest interior of the continent – Alice Springs and such. Watch for cooler temps behind the front… this starts a trend of the southern third of the country being milder than Sunday & Monday (some locales even cool to chilly! – especially highlands), but still hot in the interior “outback” of the central & north… and warm along the coast & moderately inland around the West, North, & East coasts.


Wednesday… cloud cover thins out for the southern half of the continent, with cooler temps in place for now. Megan’s remnants continue soaking/stirring the NT & Queensland, as the cold front storms do so for southern Queensland and the NE of NSW. Temperature stays on the same track as Tuesday.


Thursday continues Wednesday’s conditions.


Friday also continues the same conditions… with isolated showers for the entire NSW coast signing on. Temperatures still on the same track.


Saturday… surprise, continues Friday’s conditions, y’all.


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