Liveblog - #StormStalker ScanDay – Monday, April 2, 2024 – Across America’s East

we join today’s severe weather threat along the cold front that caused yesterday’s “fun”… which is basically the Deep South, the Appalachians to the lower Mid-Atlantic, and the Lower Midwest

currently, multiple lines & clusters of storms are present in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, SW Pennsylvania… with cold rain to a wintry mix to all snow for the Great Lakes region, the upper Mid-Atlantic, & New England.

strongest parts: a severe line portion approaching the Louisville metro with a potential tornado , a confirmed tornado entering JEfferson County, IN… & potential tornado entering Pocahontas County, WV… and severe storms approaching the I-65 corridor in KY.

this activity is all moving East, y’all, so keep an eye on the skies to your West!


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