NHS2 – Dashboard – North America


Watches, Warnings, Advisories

3-Day Forecast Model

Air Quality

U.S. Weather Updates

These feeds also feed into the #usa-alerts-feed channel in the “Weather & Space" section of the Grove Nation Discord server.

U.S. Storm Prediction Center & Weather Prediction Center –
Mesoscale Discussions, Watches, Warnings

General updates on storms in active areas, if watches needa be issued, actual issued Severe Thunderstorm & Tornado Watches, and such. Info on trends in temperature, precipitation, et cetera over the next week or so.

Climate Prediction Center

This is the agency in charge of forecasting general weather trends over the next days, weeks, months, & even years.

NWS Tsunami Alerts

See if there’s a risk of big, deadly waves of H20 on a coastline near you and/or your interests.